What platform do you develop for?

Oukla specializes in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app development.

What do you offer?

Oukla offers mobile application development for iOS devices and we help our clients launch the best apps possible.

What kind of apps do you make?

We can work on any kind of app. From business app, ministries app,  personal apps, and many other.

How many apps have you created?

We have been working on apps since the App Store was released for the iPhone and iPod touch. Over all, we have created more than a 100 apps in total though all these apps are no longer available on the App Store. These apps were not created for business, but more for a self-company. If you want to see a list of the apps that are still on the App Store, please Click Here.

What about apps for business? We are glad you ask. We have worked apps for multiple Ministries and business. Here is a list of all the apps we have created:

Is it guaranteed that you can make any app?

Before we start any project, we analyze the app you want to create and from there we will tell you if the app can be created.